'Hello world' and The many lines ahead


25-50 is a slackline blog. The name represents the most common widths (in mm) of webbing we are using. It will try to cover little bit of tricklining, longline, highline, rigging, bolting and everything in between.

Briefly me:

I am Lyudmil, born and currently located in Bulgaria. After years of "extreme sports" I found slacklining... Having light form of ADHD, aways in a rush, I faced great challenge in trying to be calm, focused and in peace to reach the other end of the line. Long story short it's been a bit over 3 years that I've spent trying every aspect of slacklining. Anyway, I hope we'll be able to get to know each other better in the near future.

This is the first time I take on the adventure of keeping up a blog/journal so any constructive criticism would be gladly welcomed.

So, pun partially intended I look forward to share the many lines ahead with you. Both walked, and written.